A Strong Woman Knows

Our world is made up of many strong women. Everyone has their own definition of strength and what it entails, but I assure you, everyone has someone they know that can be put on this list. A strong woman could be you, your mother, aunt, cousin, wife, girlfriend, teacher, or the cashier at the department […]

This Is Why I Am Motivated to Work at Home, What Motivates You?

Here are some of the reasons I can easily stay motivated working at home. I revel in the peace, working at home gives me. To me it is pure bliss. No constant chatter of a sales office, the constant voices on the phone, with people interrupting your thought pattern when you are concentrating on a […]

Information For When You Are Looking To Get A Brochure Design Done

A brochure is something which has always been known as an effective marketing tool for any business, event or any other occasion. They are an excellent way to collate eye catching and informative information all together in one place, designed to catch people’s attention. They are an excellent way to create a call to action […]

EMR Pollution and The Business Traveller

An article about Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) published in Townsend Letter, The Examiner of Alternative Medicine (November 2014) highlights the new environmental landscape we find ourselves and the insidious impact EMR is wreaking on health. The article serves as a reminder of a real and present danger of our time and the role EMR could play […]